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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Top DJ’s Collaborate On Dance4Life to stop the spread AIDS

The first ever Dance4Life album has been released around the world. The profits are going to the Dance4Life schools projects in 20 countries, which empower young people to take action themselves in pushing back HIV and AIDS. 19 of the world’s most popular DJs and artists have come together to create an album and support these young people. By buying the cd or downloading the tracks, you can do the same.

In stores now: ‘Dance4Life’ cd featuring Tiësto, Paul Van Dyk, Judge Jules (BBC Radio 1), Don Diablo, ATB, Darude and many others

“This CD is a perfect example of how Dance4Life raises funds in a new way by selling great music. My freedom mix of the Dance4Life track features Desmond Tutu and will help raise funds and awareness, buy it and support Dance4Life” says Tiësto.

Dance4Life and the dance revolution:
Enthusiasm. Inspiration. Action. These are the positive attributes that make Dance4Life an innovative approach to stop HIV and AIDS worldwide. Reaching almost 500,000 young people aged 13 to 19 in 20 countries since its start in 2004, Dance4Life gives youth the opportunity to break the boundaries of ethnicity, language and nationality to form a movement for and by young people. A movement that can and will push back HIV and AIDS.

DJs and artists:
Some of the world’s greatest DJs and artists have donated exclusive never-before released tracks and remixes for this album. Many of them are Dance4Life Ambassadors who will be performing at the Dance4Life Event on 29th November 2008. These tracks have been inspired by Dance4Life, and the Tiësto remix even features Desmond Tutu!

Dance4Life Music:
The album ‘Dance4Life’ is available on Itunes, bol.com, trackitdown.net online and in the shops in the Netherlands and Belgium and is available for download worldwide. Beyourself Music supports Dance4Life with the production, distribution and promotion of the album. Dance4Life will release more music products under the name Music4Life in the future in order to generate funds and make people dance4life.

Tracklist ‘Dance4Life’
1. ATB presents Taylor & Gallahan ‘Resistance’
2. Tiësto feat. Maxi Jazz ‘Dance4Life’ (Freedom Mix)
3. Don Diablo & Grand Jackson ‘Streets Of Fire’
4. Judge Jules ‘Electronic Snare’
5. Jon O’Bir ‘Ways and Means’ (Paul van Dyk Remix)
6. George Acosta ‘Dance4Revolution’
7. Darude feat. Blake Lewis ‘Selfless’
8. JES ‘Lost In The Sound’
9. Joop ‘Life is a Dance’
10. Mark Norman ‘Nibiru’
11. Jesse Voorn feat. Zoë Xenia ‘See Me’
12. Filo & Peri feat. Eric Lumiere ‘We Are’
13. Benjamin Bates ‘On My Feet’
14. Jonas Steur ‘Vivendi’
15. Sied van Riel ‘E=M Sied Square’
16. Progression ‘Pinch’
17. Leon Bolier ‘17′

18. Turtle Man feat. Drop ‘Love Me The Way I Am’ (bonus track)

19. Jenerik Soulz ‘Room Service’ (bonus track)
Download On iTunes
Tiesto - Dance4Life

Listen to the album online here. www.trackitdown.net/dance4life