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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Luciano mixes Fabric 41

Cadenza boss Luciano mixes minimal, tribal and house on his new mix for Fabric. Fabric 41 is out next month.

Luciano is famously averse to CD mixes, but Fabric have managed to twist his arm into delivering the goods. “For me, the hardest thing to do is make a mix CD. Really,” says Swiss/Chilean minimal star. “It was a big decision for me to do a CD for Fabric. To me, mixing is about the live moments, it’s about the moment you live with the people: that’s why you choose one record, and this is how you push the music. So to make a mix CD and already have a playlist in my head, it’s something that disturbs me. Then I know I have to play this and that—I feel obliged to do something rather than feeling free to just create something."

“It was really difficult for me,” he adds. “I always try to think, ‘what music do I like?’ and I try to make something a bit more natural. Not too soft or too thin, and not screaming either, but to mix both together. I try to use also a lot of tools, some elements that I can put in and put out, so it’s more like a composition, but it’s still very tough to make a mix feel right. I took a very dance-approach and I tried to make a sort of crescendo, musicwise. It starts a little bit deeper with fewer elements and slowly it modifies and modulates into something more charged and more rhythmic.”

Fabric 41 is Luciano’s second commercial mix, and follows up Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi Vol. 2. Like that mix, it begins in minimal territory, slowly building to floor-oriented house climax before finishing on the gentle techno of Chymera’s ‘Arabesque’.


01 Rhadoo – Slagare – Cadenza Records
02 Brothers’ Vibe – El Baile [Acapella]– Som Underground
03 D’Julz – Yo Momo – Intacto Records
04 Los Updates Ft. Luciano – Getting Late [Luciano’s Getting Late Remix] – Cadenza Records
05 Reboot – Be Tougher – Cadenza Records
06 Alex Picone – Floppy – Cadenza Records
07 Sety – Mogane (Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Remix) – Circus Company
08 Johnny D – Orbitalife – Oslo Records
09 Julien Jabre – Jungle Beatz – Defected
10 M83 – In Church – Gooom Disques
11 Inner City – Good Love [Luciano Remix] – KMS
12 Phuture – Rise From Your Grave [Tiefschwarz Remix] – Strictly Rhythm
13 Schneider, Galluzzi – Albertino – Cadenza Records
14 D’Julz – So You Know – Ovum
15 Kenny Larkin – You Are Original – Planet E
16 Chymera – Arabesque - Tishomingo

’Fabric 41’ mixed by Luciano is out in the UK and EU on July 14th. FabricFirst members get it two weeks earlier on July 2nd, and the U.S. release date is August 5th.
link Offcial website: Fabric