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Friday, February 8, 2008

An overview of Lessizmore

New cuts from Jay Haze, Mathias Kaden and Digitaline star on Lessizmore Overview, a label compilation from French-Belgian club night Lessizmore due out in March.

Lessizmore, has been putting on label nights at top clubs such as Fuse in Brussels and the Rex Club in Paris for over two years with invites extended to the rosters of M_nus, Hello Repeat?, Vakant, Alphahouse, Mobilee and Circus Company. After all those talented producers passing through, last year the party also set up a label, run by Fuse resident DJ Pierre.

Lessizmore Overview is the label's first compilation. Disc one of the 2CD set is a mix by Pierre of new material from the likes of Someone Else, Chaton, Sarah Goldfarb while the second disc includes fourteen unreleased cuts from Junction SM, Pikaya and Digitaline and more. Additional tracks by Butane and Pheek will also be released on two vinyl EPs.


CD1 mixed by DJ Pierre

01 Tolga Fidan - Exile
02 Seuil - Jealous Derviche
03 Seph & Violett - Elle
04 Daze Maxim - Permanent Mountain
05 Someone Else - Kit's Kaboodle
06 James Unk - Question
07 Kane Roth - Beep Me
08 Funzion, Dilo, Gurtz & Seph - Miopia
09 Jay Haze - Elephant Ohh
10 Mathias Kaden - Maraka
11 Chaton – mylessizmorethanyours
12 Sarah Goldfarb - Simply Inside
13 Robag Wruhme - Inrespekkt
14 Pompelmoessap - 1946 In Memory


01 Junction SM - Radio Calypso
02 Pikaya - SWOE (Smile With One Eye)
03 Skat - Fireflies
04 Yapacc - Dizz_ko
05 Mossa - Balloon Gods
06 KJ Gibbs - You Need To Get
07 Kasper & Papol - Viva Bruxelles
08 Pierre feat. Gaspard Manesse - Manush
09 Digitaline - Kirikiri
10 Jorge Savoretti & Dario Zenker - Exhale
11 Peter Grummich - Movin

The next Lessizmore night happens in room two of Fuse on February 16 with dOP and Serafin from the Mountain People DJs. Check it out if you're in the neighbourhood.

Lessizmore, Fuse, Brussels

'Lessizmore Overview' is released on March 6, 2008.
link Official website: Lessizmore