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Tuesday, January 15, 2008



WMC 2008 tentative schedule. Check back regularly for additional updates. Please note: Schedule subject to change.

Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday

Monday, 3/24/2008

2:00PM Exhibit Area Set-Up (Exhibitor Access Only)

Tuesday, 3/25/2008

9:00AM Registration Open

9:00AM Exhibit Area Open

10:00AM Lobby DJ Sets

12:00PM Sunburn Sessions -Poolside

1:30PM The Latin Digital Revolution

3:00PM Producing Music for Film & TV

4:00PM Starting Your Own Label

6:00PM Arts in Education -South Beach Sessions

Wednesday, 3/26/2008

9:00AM Registration Open

9:00AM Exhibit Area Open

10:00AM Lobby DJ Sets

12:00PM The World of Remixing

12:00PM WMC DJ Spin Off

12:30PM Meet the Media

1:00PM Demo Listening Workshop

1:00PM Digital Dispatch

2:00PM Marketing Your Music

3:30PM The Recording Academy® & WMC Present the Producers Panel

5:30PM The Recording Academy® & WMC VIP Reception (by Invitation)

6:00PM Green Initiatives in the Music Industry -South Beach Sessions

Thursday, 3/27/2008

10:00AM Registration Open

10:00AM Lobby DJ Sets

12:00PM Advances in Production Technology

12:00PM Online Retailing DIY

12:45PM WMC & Scratch DJ Academy presents “A Crash Course in Scratching” Workshop

1:00PM Demo Listening Workshop

1:30PM License It & Collect!

2:00PM Electronic Music -History Made Fresh!

3:00PM Mobile Music -Take It with You!

3:00PM 'Video DJing with DVJs & the SVM Mixer' Workshop presented in conjunction with Pioneer & Sony Vegas

4:00PM Artists, Agents & Managers

4:30PM Free Legal Advice

7:00PM IDMA Cocktail Reception

8:00PM 23rd Annual International Dance Music Awards

10:30PM IDMA After Party

Friday, 3/28/2008

10:00AM Registration Open

10:00AM Lobby DJ Sets

12:00PM Mock Negotiations Workshop

12:00PM Sunburn Sessions -Poolside

12:30PM Industry Gurus -Open Forum

1:00PM Demo Listening Workshop

1:00PM Remixing & Editing Workshop Level 1

1:30PM Intellectual Property:Songwriting & Publishing Forum

3:00PM Love Is in the Airwaves

3:30PM Networking For Success

3:30PM Remixing & Editing Workshop Level 2

4:00PM Cast Your Net -RSS, Podcasting & Webcasts

4:30PM Indie Label Forum

5:00PM Ultra Music Festival 10 -Day One

6:00PM Music, Politics & Social Awareness -South Beach Sessions

Saturday, 3/29/2008

11:00AM Registration Open

11:00AM Lobby DJ Sets

12:00PM Sunburn Sessions -Poolside

12:00PM 2nd Annual WMC International Record Collectors Show

12:00PM The Patronage Model

12:00PM Ultra Music Festival 10 -Day Two

12:30PM Event Planning & Promotion

1:00PM Demo Listening Workshop

1:30PM Kick Back & Chill Out!

2:30PM Musicians Collaborative