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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Winter Music Conference 2008 schedule up

In a little over two months from now, Miami will be dance music Mecca. And the prophet of dance music is definitely Winter Music Conference (however, I think if M3 Summit were still around WMC would have to share the spotlight).

For all three of you interested in attending the actual conference -- oh sorry, you thought WMC was all about booze, drugs and Euro-trash? No, no, no. Actually, there is a conference that goes on with events, panels and so forth. So yea if you are interested in going, I think you should know you have until Wednesday to sign-up at the $305 rate. Sounds steep? Well considering that the price includes admission to all panels, workshops, various WMC and non-WMC parties as well as Ultra Music Festival, I think the price is rather fair. But most importantly, organizers have released a preliminary schedule for this year's conference. Events include a producer panel presented by the Recording Academy, a demo listening workshop, a lecture on the history of electronic music, an indie label forum, a starting your own label workshop and plenty more. I actually sneaked a peak last year when I was doing a freelance article on some British DJ duo that I really didn't care for (but they pay was good). It was plenty busy with people from all over the globe.

Oh and in case your retarded or something, you should know the conference is held March 25-29 at the horribly outdated Miami Beach Resort & Spa (see, I can still be a dick even on a straightforward post like this).