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Saturday, November 15, 2008

MXP4Cafe is New Virutal Meeting Place for Interactive Digital Musicians

Musinaut, the Paris-based company behind the revolutionary new digital audio format MXP4, today unveils its new artist community, MXP4Café.

MXP4Café www.mxp4.com/community will act as a virtual meeting place where forward thinking artists can drop and share interactive MXP4 music files with fellow musicians. Musinaut hopes the site will provide the perfect space to encourage song writers, producers, djs, band members and composers of any genre to develop their musical creativity; becoming part of the an new generation of interactive digital music artists, using the MXP4 digital audio file platform.

MXP4 Technology was launched in September 2008 and is the digital audio format that transforms an artist’s recorded music into an interactive, multi-sensory experience that can be creatively varied and individually adapted for greater personal listener enjoyment. Musicians use the MXP4Creator software creation tool to turn their tunes into interactive files. Listener playback is done via the free-to-download MXP4Player. www.mxp4.com.

Andrew Sheehy, Head of Research at music analyst company, Generator believes the MXP4 format is important to the future and development of music and how we listen to it:

“By providing artists with new ways to showcase their creative talent, Musinaut’s MXP4 interactive music format will make music more enjoyable. New, interactive virtual music formats will develop to become an important part of the way users consume music in the future.”

Membership to the MXP4Café is free, giving musicians opportunity to meet with artists and labels from all over the world share their ideas and showcase their music.

Those that upload MXP4 tracks in the MXP4 format before December 31st 2008 will also get a full license of the MXP4Creator software. The normal retail cost will be £279.

Registered MXP4Café members can:

* Create their own personal profile pages so they can tell everyone about themselves and the music they create using MXP4 technology

* Upload their MXP4 tracks and create special MXP4Player widgets to embed into web pages, blogs or social networking sites.

* Download the MXP4Creator software tool. The software will be FREE to all members till 31st December 2008

* Artists that upload tracks will also get a FULL MXP4Creator licence for free

* Get support from the technical and musical team and have the option to sign-up for free training sessions

* Become part of the new MXP4 generation

* Receive invitations to take part in global competitions

Musinaut is holding a number of free training sessions for artists interested learning about more about MXP4 technology on 25th and 26th November in central London . Press or artists interested in attending can contact Charo@vp-pr.com to book a place.