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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ministry of Sound London - DJ Academy

Ministry of Sound London - DJ Academy

Ministry of Sound London, the world’s most renowned clubbing venue, will launch its very own DJ Academy on 5th December 2008. A unique one day course that will invite music enthusiasts from all over the globe on to its legendary soundsystem, to study DJ skills with the biggest names in dance music including Danny Rampling, Ray Keith, Chad Jackson and Karl Brown.

Since Ministry of Sound first opened its doors back in 1991 it has become the venue that DJ’s and clubbers have admired. Whether on the decks or on the dancefloor, dance music enthusiasts have travelled far and wide to become a part of the Ministry of Sound experience. Now the club is giving dance music fanatics the opportunity to go behind the scenes to kick start their own DJ career, and learn first hand exactly why it has become the most pioneering and celebrated venue to ever exist in clubland.


Starting on Friday the 5th December, and taking place every month thereafter, the MoS DJ Academy will introduce a DJ teaching course to rival all courses of its type currently in the market. The course, which has been devised by Jim Jomoa a DJ & Producer and full time DJ Lecturer at the ACM in Guildford, will provide students with an intensive one day insight into the world of dance music, guiding them through a full DJ aptitude programme whilst also supplying vital information about the nightlife industry, its many career options and guidance towards how to market and develop oneself as a DJ in what has become a very desirable workplace.


The real significance for anyone choosing this course lies in its tutorial team which is made up of eight of dance music’s most legendary DJ’s, all of whom have shaped and influenced their respective genre and scene via their input as DJ’s, promoters and producers. First up is Danny Rampling, reverently known as the Godfather of the British house music scene and a legend all over the globe who will be joined by Karl Tuff Enuff Brown, one half of DJ and production duo TuffJam, a team that alone are held responsible for the emergence of the ‘UK Garage’ scene. Next up is Ray Keith one of Drum & Bass’ foremost DJ’s and remixers whose weekly spot on Kiss 100 continues to supply the most upfront music from this genre. Chad Jackson, one of the UK’s first ever DJ’s and the architect of the ‘Madchester’ house music scene made famous by his legendary Hacienda residency, will also be supplying his extensive experience and knowledge alongside Jazzy M, the first DJ to ever play at Ministry of Sound on its opening night. Other DJ and producers on the rota and currently influencing the scene today are Circo Loco resident Shane Watcha, Jamie Griffiths and aptly named DJ Tutor, who has transformed the DJ tuition market with his on-line tutorials, some of which have received a staggering 338,000 hits in the past year.


If the tutors are not enough enticement for those of you already nearing your own superstar DJ status, then the fact that this course takes place within Ministry of Sound on the best soundsystem in the business is bound to have you dribbling on your EQ’s. No other DJ course is able to offer its students the opportunity to play in an actual venue, and certainly not on a sound system of this outstanding quality. This really will be the best tuition on the market, as students will get the extraordinary opportunity to play on equipment including 9 Technics SL1210’s, 7 Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3’s, 4 Pioneer DVJ 1000’s and a DJM 1000 all on a sound system with a whopping output of 34k at your disposal. It does not get any better than that.

So whether you are simply a beginner who is eager to get started on your DJ career, or indeed an avid mixing anorak who has already dedicated a large part of their life to DJing, this course will enable progression at every level whilst also putting you face to face with industry experts at the greatest venue on the planet. We look forward to seeing you soon.

An introductory price of £299 is available for a limited period of time.

Visit www.ministryofsound.com/djacademy for more information and booking