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Friday, October 24, 2008

Top 10 Top 10 Dance Divas

Read about the Top 10 Dance Divas

By DJ Ron Slomowicz, About.com

A list of the top dance divas - our favorite female singers..

Jody Watley

Listening to Jody Watley's last album Midnight Lounge, it was a refreshing change to see one of clubland's true visionaries release a mature-sounding and fully-realized album. Previews of her new charming new album "The Makeover," where she reinterprets some of her favorite songs, are just as refreshing. In this era when karaoke covers seem to dominate dance clubs and radio, leave it to the legendary Jody Watley to show us how to do it right.

2. Ultra Nate

Soulful house diva Ultra Nate set the world ablaze with her international smash "Free." Singer, songwriter, clubpromoter - her repertoire include countless dance anthems.

3. Inaya Day

"Keep Pushin On," "Horny," "Hold Your Head Up High," and "Movin Up (Take My Problems to the Dancefloor)" are just a few of the international club smashes that Inaya Day has brought to appreciative dancefloors. As a songwriter and backup singer, she has worked with everyone from Missy Elliott and Bootsy Collins to Michael Jackson and Randy Crawford. With a new single, "You Spin Me," and a full-length album in the works, Inaya is touring the country and will show you that her Day has come.

4. Crystal Waters

From "Gypsy Woman" and "Come On Down" to "100% Pure Love" and her new hit "My Time," Crystal Waters is one of clubland's favorite singers. With her tenth chart topping club hit, she takes a break to talk with about.com.

5. Yoko Ono

Artistic visionary Yoko Ono has opened her arms and embraced dance music as a way to share her love and thoughts with the world. Taking an active role in the remixing of her music, she sees dance as a way for us to come together in these difficult times.

6. Barbara Tucker

Barbara Tucker is probably the hardest-working diva in the business. Crafted as part of a benefit for AIDS charity Lifebeat, her record with Blaze, "Most Precious Love," was the definitive record of Winter Music Conference 2005. Performing back-to-back every night during the week of the conference, Barbara also organizes "Let the Singer be Heard," to give artists a chance to share their music with a very supportive and appreciative crowd.

7. Simone Denny

Whether you know her as the voice of Love Inc, BKS or Widelife’s latest smash “All Things (Keep Getting Better)" – the theme to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Simone Denny’s powerful voice and energetic performances show much love to clubland. The ‘Canadian Dance Queen’ is actively touring dance clubs supporting the QEFTSG soundtrack, but did you know that she used to sing with a metal band or performed with life-size bunny rabbits?

8. Deborah Cox

Canadian chanteuse Deborah Cox is comfortable performing in just about any environment; huge concert halls, sweaty underground clubs, and now on Broadway starring in Aida. From her breakthrough "Sentimental" and megahit "Nobody's Supposed to Be Here" to the current radio smash "Something Happened on the Way to Heaven," Deborah has always embraced dance music and club life, even compiling her club remixes on a very special Remixed album.

9. Kristine W

One of clubland's premiere dance artists, Kristine W is set to release her third album "Fly Again." Kristine talks with us about diving back into clubland and working with edgy producers to create an album of her vision as well as her fight against leukemia.

10. Joi Cardwell

Do you want More? If the artist is Joi Cardwell, the answer is a definite yes. The artist behind the club classics "Jump for Joi," "Club Lonely," "Soul to Bare," and "Trouble" talks about her experiences exploring the digital world and how she is reaching out to her fans in new ways.