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Sunday, July 20, 2008



Hey everyone, I hope your summer has been treating you well! We have been dying to update you with all that has been going on but it has been tough and we are sorry for taking so long. So let me just say that this is going to be long and FILLED with goodies so get comfortable and read on. This is Pull here and I have been nominated to do the typing so just know from this point on it is coming from us all, even if I mistake the occasional "I" for "WE". So we are back in NY and have a full report on our release parties, I am going to work backwards and begin with HOLLYWOOD since it is freshest in our minds. I guess first we want to thank everyone who came out and all those who helped. Putting these things together is a bitch and a half and would have been impossible to do without the help of a few key people.

So we want to thank: Dave Navarro for playing with us and making LA so special, Sarah from Evil Threads for her countless hours and being there at any moment we needed something, from bands to play with to acoustic guitars at 2 AM. Dave's manager Larissa who also spent so much of her time helping us organize schedules as well as any thing else we needed. Mike D. at the viper room for really going out of his way to make the night special as well as everyone else at the viper for being just so damn cool to us. Marcus from VHT who saved my ass since my amp didn't make it. Metal Sanaz for hosting our night, The bands that played the night with us, 33Degree, Plastik and Her Skeleton who all worked to promote the night, our agent Steve and of course Aldo from our label. I find this necessary to say since it takes a bunch of people to make these things happen and too often people are not thanked publicly for what they do privately.

Hollywood at the Viper Room was Amazing! Everyone we hoped would come did, so many different types of people from Industry to friends, Adult stars to Rock Stars, Suicide girls etc etc etc. Raiana and I got there a few days early as Joe and Will were delayed with our gear (that sucked) so Raiana and I handled what we could alone. 1 of which was an interview on "Forbidden Radio".

(link to listen below) We had a blast and
met great people like Lux and Justin. The rest of our time before the guys got there was spent solving problems and organizing last minute details for the show. My trip kinda started off rough, when we first went to check in the hotel clerk mangled my bank card and left me stranded with no card and no money with the nearest bank too far to walk to and too late in the day to get to so between that and my favorite place to eat no longer being there I was a bit bummed. Luckily the next morning I was able to get it taken care of but I would not recommend that to anyone.

As we were gearing up for the show Dave's schedule was so hectic and we were trying to figure out if we would have time to throw a rehearsal together, it was getting rough so Dave and I just had a quick phone call to go over some parts. Now this was one of those things that anyone else hearing would have been like WTF is going on. There we are on the phone going......so is it chung...ch..chu...chu...chung or flaaang fla flaaa fla flaaaang? It was perfect and we settled most of it in a 5 minute chat on the phone. We also decided to get to sound check a bit early and tighten things up. Now on the day of the show I once again realized how different certain people's everyday life can be, I mean.....you know it in your head but when you see it, it just hits harder. We all made a plan to be there at a certain time right, so we see Dave pass us while we are in front of our hotel, he beeps & smiles as he drives by, I then drive to the club, park in front no big deal, just getting ready to put our gear inside etc. Dave pulls up behind me and quickly rushes in, in my head I'm like...hmmm that was weird, just the look on his face ya know....then I hear maaaaad footsteps hauling ass down the street and it's the paparazzi trying to get shots of Dave, I couldn't believe how fast they came out of fucking nowhere, I was so caught off guard I almost decked them. The only time I hear footsteps charging like that means someone is getting their ass kicked. I was like seriously guys, are you kidding.....It's 5 PM Friday and Dave Navarro is going into the viper room......oooooooh big fucking story, He lives there, he is a musician what's the big story leave the guy alone. I found out that they were chasing him for like 20 minutes just making his life miserable. I don't know, I know so many people are like...your famous stop complaining but out there, it is just way out of control. Sure Dave is a pro and knows how to handle it but I felt bad and wanted to just wreck those guys out of principle.

Ok I digress, so to speed things up I will try and just get fact oriented. We get on stage to rehearse and I must say, being we never played together and were all seeing each other for the first time in a while, It went awesome right off the bat. Dave and I locked in a few details then we played the song 2 x and everyone felt good. Hearing Dave just break out into that solo the first time was so bad ass though, and each time it had something different, that is the best feeling, to play and not know what's coming next, but to play with someone that each time takes it to another level....few of us are lucky to ever be around that.

So now was gonna be the risky part, we play a remixed version of "Whole Lotta Love" in a different key etc and we wanted Dave to play it with us. So I spring it on him in sound check, I could see he was hesitant, rightfully so, I mean the guy has played that song verbatim for god knows how long and now we want him to basically just wing our version. So I ask him to listen to us do it once and then decide....by the second chorus he was on stage wailing....it was off the hook as the kids now say. So I explained the arrangement one more time and we ran it together and he was like yup...let's do it. we were stoked! From this point on the night starts to blur so without further adieu, here are some video clips and pictures of our west coast release party at the viper room. I wish there was better sound but hey, something is better then nothing. Once again we wanted to thank Dave for taking out the time to come play with us, we know it was a lot for him to do and we are truly grateful as it was a career highlight.