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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Ones' Clubbing Etiquette

The Ones' Clubbing Etiquette


Manhattan electro-pop trio, the Ones–individually and collectively–are certified Downtown legends. They also know a thing or ten about clubbing, as proven by their debut album, "NYC Jungle.” Out now via iTunes, this hotly anticipated album is on the same label that launched the Scissor Sisters (A Touch of Class) and distributed by Peace Bisquit (home to Ultra Naté, Amanda Lepore, and one-to-watch, Chris Willis). Celebrating the release of their glamorous new single and video, "When We Get Together"–featuring cameos by Debbie Harry, The Scissor Sisters, Cazwell, Casey Spooner–The Ones sounded off to Clubplanet about how to "keep it cute" at the club.

1. Do not graffiti your name in the bathroom.
No one is interested that you were there.

2. If there is a velvet rope in front of you, treat it like a wall.
Never touch the rope. Never step over the rope. Instead, wait until it's opened for you by a bouncer or door person—that’s why they're there.

3. Always offer your name first when being introduced to someone.
Assume that your name has been forgotten. There are a lot of distractions in a club. You will find yourself being called "sweetie," "baby" or "lover" and everything in between.

4. Never ask for a free drink.
Wait to be offered one. Unless, of course you are legendary. Legends can ask for whatever they want.

5. Leave the DJ alone.
No matter if it is your birthday or your last day on earth, do not request a song from the DJ. No DJ wants to hear your idea of the best song to get the dance floor rocking.

6. Keep it cute.
It’s best to apply a "keep it cute" policy to everyone, unless that's just impossible. You never know who or what someone is going to be in the future. The one you call "bitch" tonight, you may have to call "boss" tomorrow.

7. Keep your stuff in sight.
Do not leave your coat, or worse, your purse unattended in a club, and then be surprised, if it’s not there when you return for it.

8. Always tip the bartender.
And tip as much as you can. They are paid the lowest base salary and have to share tips with the bar back.

9. Say hello to everyone, but never say goodbye unless you have to.
If you never left then you're still there having the time of your life. Besides, saying goodbye always takes too long. Mysteriously vanish!

10. Do not fall in love with the person you are taking home..
…until you sober up.

For more on The Ones, check out www.myspace.com/theonesareflawless