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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Jes Brieden the singer, songwriter and musician 2nd podcast is ready!!

This one covers music from her new chill-out CD "Into The Dawn". She is going to be doing this monthly to keep you up on all the projects she has been doing. In fact, she is in the studio right now in NY working on some things that she thinks you will really like. Also, she is putting together my first ever, video podcast that will be out shortly and she has another slide show on the way. Keep checking back and don't forget to subscribe to the podcast, There is a link for you below just click on the banner.

Not only is Jes Brieden a, songwriter, producer and musician, but she has a nack for radio! This podcast is one of the few that I recommend hearing. With her graceful voice Jes takes you on a mini tour into her world as she talks about her music on her up coming Album "Into The Dawn"! This is a rare one on one setting with just you and the # 1 Dance Diva of Dance Music!

Recently Jes has been working with Tiesto and you can't go wrong when you have The # 1 DJ in the world be hide you!

I have met and spun with alot of big name dj's, but when I met Jes at a 106.7 KDL Radio station event I was in ah! She has be come my favorite EDM Artist I absolutely love her work!

Be sure to check out her music on Itunes you want be sorry!

Sasha & Digweed spin North America

Progressive’s top tier are touring the US, Canada and Mexico in March and April.

It’s been six years since Sasha and Digweed toured the stadiums of North America, but this spring the duo are at it again, launching a 21 city tour stretching to the four corners. The tour kicks off during the Winter Music Conference and hits the usual locales, but also makes stops in unusual locations such as Nashville, Columbus, and Minneapolis.

Instead of arenas, The Sasha and John Digweed Show is sticking to clubs and traditional concert venues. John explains: “This time around we are playing a great selection of clubs with great sound systems rather than big arena shows, which will give our fans a chance to see us in a more intimate environment." The advantage for some is that there will be an earlier opening and closing time and more all-ages shows.

The pair are keen to hit the road together again. "Spending time on the road with John on a bus touring the country is something I just couldn't turn down, " enthuses Sasha.

Tour dates

Mar 27 Mansion, Miami WMC
Mar 29 Ultra Music Festival, Miami
Apr 2 The Estate, Boston
Apr 3 The Fillmore, TLA, Philadelphia
Apr 4 Webster Hall, New York
Apr 5 Ibiza, Washington DC
Apr 7 City Hall, Nashville
Apr 9 Karma, Columbus
Apr 10 Clutch Cargo's, Detroit
Apr 11 Kool Haus, Toronto
Apr 12 House of Blues, Chicago
Apr 14 Dantes, St. Louis
Apr 15 Epic, Minneapolis
Apri 17 Foro Alterno, Guadalajara
Apr 18 Autocinema, Monterrey
Apr 19 Arena Mexico, Mexico City
Apr 22 Showbox SoDo, Seattle
Apr 23 Plush Nightclub, Vancouver
Apr 24 Roseland Theater, Portland
Apr 25 The Warfield, San Francisco
Apr 26 Coachella Festival, Empire Polo Field, Indio