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Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Odyssey with RA and Spectral Sound

Heads up—Spectral and RA are throwing a yacht party at the WMC featuring Audion, Konrad Black, Ryan Elliott and more.

Picture this: Saturday afternoon at the end of the WMC. You’re serenely cruising around the Miami coastline like you're in an episode of The Love Boat. Matthew Dear is Captain Stubbing. Kate Simko is Julie. Ryan Elliott is Gopher. The yacht is one of those 112-foot luxury things with split levels from which the assembled artists will be plying their wares. It's called The Odyssey and you know you want to be there.

Presented in association with Spectral and Traktor Scratch, The Odyssey features a top class line-up. Headlining is Audion, aka the live guise of Matthew Dear, who will also be available to perform mouth to mouth to anyone who falls overboard. Co-skipper is RA fave Konrad Black from Minus and Wagon Repair, who is so good we had to book him twice at the WMC. There’ll also be live sets from classical-pianist-turned-laptopper Kate Simko and rising Swedish techno talent Pär Grindvik, not to mention top Spectral DJ crew Ryan Elliott and Seth Troxler, who will be spinning house and techno as well as keeping watch for the coastguard. RA staff will be on call to hand out the sick bags. See you there.

Mar 29 The Odyssey, Aqua Yacht, Miami
link RA Guide: Miami WMC 2008