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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Madonna man outs America's gay disco fear

Created On January 8th, 2008 by shunji

Stuart ‘*Jacques Lu Cont*’ Price has announced he’s stepping aside from working with Madonna for her next album and, in a fresh interview in Mixmag also poked fun at American conservatism.

“In America, dance music is a different thing; who we think of as big American DJs aren’t big DJs in their own country,” said Stuart. “When I was doing pop records that were dance infused they’d say ‘I don’t know what radio stations will play this’. Their basic philosophy is that dance music is gay music,” he claimed.

Metrosexual guru Mark Simpson also addressed US homophobia recently in an interview with Greek magazine Eleftherotypia in which he suggested, “to homophobes, the metrosexual is worse than a fag – he’s letting the anti-fag side down.”

Jacques Lu Cont’s comments appear almost 30 years after mainstream America first turned against disco in an orgy of campaigns such as Chicago DJ Steve Dahl’s notoriously homophobic ‘Disco Sucks’ campaign.

“Disco music is a disease. I call it disco dystrophy,” Dahl told listeners in 1979, prior to his infamous Disco Demolition rally at which he blew up 20,000 disco records in the middle of a Boston baseball stadium.

“The people victimised by this killer disease walk around like zombies,” he added. “We must do everything possible to stop the spread of this plague.” (Last Night A DJ Saved My Life).