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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Indian city cracks down on dancing

Indian city cracks down on dancing

Created On January 30th, 2008 by i_have_ADD

Bangalore cops stepped up their total ban on dancing in clubs this week, DJ Magazine global reporter Simon Morrison told Skrufff, in an increasingly bizarre escalation of their ongoing campaign against the sex trade.

“My mate is a presenter for MTV in India, as well as a club DJ and he called me yesterday to tell me that the Bangalore government has cracked down on strip clubs in the city by enforcing a blanket-wide ban on dancing; completely,” said Simon. “The clubs in the city have taken to putting tables and chairs out on the dance floor so people can sit around whilst the DJ plays. Cops come round to check that no-one’s dancing to the music,” he added.

The dancing ban first came into force in 2005 and was coupled with an 11.30pm curfew for clubs, which prompted the New York Times to brand it a ‘paradox of rapid but uneven development…’