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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Funk D'Void mixes Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi 4

"I think this is the best mix I've ever done," enthuses Scottish technoist Funk D'Void about his mix for Soma's Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi series.

A confident man, but Funk's got big shoes to fill. The Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi series first landed on stereos back in 2005 with volumes from Ewan Pearson, Luciano and Alex Smoke. The series then took a break with Andrew Weatherall choosing instead to go punk rock with his effort Sci.Fi.Lo.Fi.

D'Void's Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi 04 arrives next month so you can judge the results for yourself. The single CD mixes up older cuts from Vector Lovers, Alex Moran and H-Foundation together with tech house and deeper techno from newcomers such as Itamar Sagi, Giles Smith and Quince.


01 Itamar Sagi - Black Gold
02 Beroshima - Horizon (Funk D'Void's Hope Mix)
03 Alex Moran - Earth Women Are Easy
04 Joel Mull - Klangfarben
05 Lusine - Drip (Apparat Remix)
06 Cloud - Those Days (Jimpster's Deep Dub Mix)
07 Quince - New Era
08 Vector Lovers - Melodies & Memory
09 H-Foundation - Tonight (King Britt Remix)
10 Dirt Crew - Deep (Francois Dubois Remix)
11 Ski Oakenfull - Illuminations (Milton Jackson Remix)
12 Ozy - Sequential Dub
13 Giles Smith - Track 5
14 Sian - R U Aware
15 Blakkat - Deeper
16 Artec - Communicate
17 Vincenzo - Timeout (Atmosphere 320 Dub)

'Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi 04' mixed by Funk D'Void arrives on shelves on February 17, 2008.
link Official website: Soma