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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Clone Classic Cuts

Dutch reissue arm Clone Classic Cuts rounds up thirteen obscure twelves for its first compilation.

For the last couple of years, Clone has been remastering and repressing early cuts from Chicago house imprints such as Alleviated and Underground as well as Italo disco giant Il Discotto. Last year the label also reissued Gesamtkunstwerk, the influential longplayer from Dopplereffekt, the mysterious electro unit including Drexicya's Gerald Donald, on vinyl and CD.

The label's second CD release is an unmixed singles collection including past reissues in the 12" series from the likes of Fingers Inc., Mike Dunn and Gay Cat Park as well as hard-to-find twelves from Tyree, Trophy and synth-pop duo Oppenheimer Analysis. With most of the tracks clocking in at over twenty years old, best pick this one up now or it might be a while yet before these are unearthed again.


01 Jackson Jones - Put Your Pants On
02 Trophy - Slow Flight
03 Knight Action - Single Girl
04 Fockewulf 190 - Body Heat
05 Oppenheimer Analysis - The Devil's Dancers
06 The Elect - I'm House
07 Los Angeles TF - Magical Body
08 Tyree - I'm Free
09 Fingers Inc and Robert Owens - I'm Strong
10 Mike Dunn - So Let It Be House
11 Mystic - House Girl
12 MD3 - Set Me Free
13 Gay Cat Park - I'm a Vocoder

'Clone Classic Cuts' is released in January 2008.
link Official website: Clone