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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Black Dog transmit Radio Scarecrow

Influential Sheffield techno trio The Black Dog are back with a new album Radio Scarecrow.

The follow-up to Silenced (2005), Radio Scarecrow is the second Black Dog longplayer BD founder Ken Downie has produced with Dust Brothers Martin and Richard. Black Dog on the feel of the album: "The beats are faster and the bass is much heavier - so much so that it was making us ill working with the low frequencies for hours on end. We could only do three hours at a time on some parts."

Sequenced so that consecutive tracks often share common elements, the album plays out almost uninterrupted with just tiny gaps between tracks. The seventeen-tracker includes a new version of lead single 'Floods' as well as haunting cuts like 'EVP Echoes', which draw on the group's fascination with the spooky-sounding electronic voice phenomenon.


01 Transmission Start
02 Train By The Autobahn (Part 1)
03 Train By The Autobahn (Part 2)
04 Riphead v9
05 UV Sine
06 …Short Wave Lies
07 Siiiipher
08 Digital Poacher
09 Coda
10 Set To Receive
11 EVP Echoes
12 Floods v3.9
13 Beep
14 Witches Ov
15 Dials & Dialers 1
16 Ghost Vexations
17 Dials & Dialers 2

'Radio Scarecrow' by The Black Dog arrives on Soma on April 7, 2008.
link Official website: Radio Scarecrow